Hunan Construction Engineering Group (HNCEG) , founded in 1952, has developed into a large enterprise with comprehensive capabilities ranging from survey & design,research & development,higher vocational education,building & installation, road & bridge works,water conservancy and hydropower construction,construction of new energy, equipment manufacturing,real estate development, overseas contracting, international labor services, import & export, urban facilities operation and more. With an operating capital of about 21 billion US dollars, HNCEG delivers contracts amounting to about 16 billion US dollars annually. HNCEG has been ranked among “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” and “Top 80 Chinese Construction Contractors and Top 60 Architectural & Engineering Designing Firms ” for 13 years in succession, and awarded 77 Chinese Construction Project Luban Awards (Chinese National Quality Project Award) in the last 16 years. HNCEG has executed projects throughout China and has instituted companies or project offices in over 30 countries and regions in Africa, Asia,South America and Oceania. Currently, we are executing construction projects in Malaysia, Liberia, Tanzania, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Fiji, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mongolia,Sierra Leone,Bangladesh,Vietnam,Laos, Guinea, Cape Verde and other countries.more>>

Ye Xinpin, born in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province in January, 1960, member of Communist Party of China, Master degree of Business Administration, researcher-level senior engineer, national first class registered architect, expert honored with State Council special allowance. Started to work in the HNCEG Sixth Engineering Company Ltd in 1979, successively served as construction crew of project department, Communist Youth League secretary in branch company, manager of branch company, project manager, deputy general manager of the sixth branch company. Served as the general manager of the HNCEG Sixth Engineering Company in 2001, served as a member of the Party Committee…more>>
Address: No.788,South Furong Road,Changsha,Hunan,China.
Tel: +86-0731-85628875 Fax: +86-0731-88714869 E-mai:

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